May 7 2019


Theater Amstelveen


Legendary play “Кysia”!

The premiere of the play “Kysya” took place more than fifteen years ago, but now he is still loved by the audience. “Kysya” gathered full halls in Russia and abroad, appeared on the stages of the largest Russian theaters, such as the Moscow Art Theater, “Satyricon”, the Theater of Satire and the Vakhtangov Theater. Among the spectators of the performance – a lot of star names. What is the secret of such success?

The story, which is told in the play “Kysya”, is based on the story written by Vladimir Kunin. The protagonist of the play is the cat Martin, a resident of the St. Petersburg garbage dumps, Don Juan, a naughty boy and an adventurer. From the very beginning of the performance, this role was played by Dmitry Nagiyev, and she succeeds in him incredibly convincingly. He literally reincarnates into a cat, reproduces his habits and plastic. In the history of Martyn there is a place for philosophy: the events happening to him make him continually think about eternal questions.

The acting duet of Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanov, who play the main roles in the play “Kysya”, is known to many, because they have repeatedly appeared on the stage and in other joint projects, which also won the love of the audience. But the success of “Kysi” turned out to be a kind of record: the performance has not left the stage for more than fifteen years, continuing to attract the attention of the audience.

And it’s not just the scandal and extravagance that has developed around this play. It is much more important that the director Lev Rakhlin, in a creative collaboration with the actors, managed to tell a story that resonates in the soul of the viewer. Each time, “Kysya” turns into a frank conversation about love and hate, vivid feelings and passions that are familiar to us all. Actors often improvise, so every time the performance of “Kisi” on the stage becomes a unique event.

Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanov are actively shooting for television and cinema, so often they have to enter performances in their busy schedule, and schedule the tour to be a year in advance. Do not miss the chance to buy tickets to the show “Kysya” in the Netherlands and see the legendary production with your own eyes!

Nikolai Dik, Eric Kenya, Valery Smekalov, Dmitry Blazhko, Elena Vershinina, Daria Perova, Dmitry Bystrevsky also participate in the performance.

Duration – 2 hours and 20 minutes with intermission.


Stadsplein 100, 1181 ZM Amstelveen, Netherlands


Seating is limited! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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